Water safety expert Shawn DeRosa, J.D. is the author of various articles which focus on risk management concerns as applied to the field of parks and recreation, including aquatics.

Survey Shows Continued Inconsistencies in Lightning Protocol

Published by: Aquatics International, June 2019

A Timing Issue

Published by: Aquatics International, September 2007

Hypoxic Training: A Risk Analysis

Published by: SportRisk

The Complete Swimming Pool Reference, 3rd ed.

Published by: Sagamore Publishing

Recruitment 101

Published by: Aquatics International University

Managing Greatness

Published by: Aquatics International University

Safer Beaches Planning, Design, and Operation

Published by: Human Kinetics

How to Identify Risks at Aquatic Facilities

Published by: Athletic Business

Saving Your Skin

Published by: Aquatics International


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