Water safety and lifeguarding expert Shawn P. DeRosa is committed to helping reduce the drowning rate by raising awareness of water safety issues and by training pool operators, beach managers and lifeguards to help prevent, respond to and manage aquatic emergencies.

Shawn DeRosa brings over 25 years of experience in water safety, having started as a lifeguard in high school. Since then, Shawn has become a well-respected leader within the ever-changing field of aquatic risk management. Shawn, who is also an Emergency Medical Technician and a certified SCUBA diver, holds multiple Instructor and Instructor Trainer authorizations with the American Red Cross, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American Safety and Health Institute. His breadth of knowledge surrounding water safety and pool / beach operations, makes him an often-cited resource on topics of drowning prevention, risk management, and aquatic facility operations.

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