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Water safety and lifeguarding expert Shawn DeRosa offers a wide variety of presentations which can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular audience. Whether you are looking for a speaker for a professional development conference or a workshop for aquatic staff, Shawn's sessions are always engaging and educational. If you have a specific topic which you like addressed, please let us know and we will work with you to develop an educational session to meet your needs!

Aquatic Programs

Looking for an "aquatic" topic for your conference? Shawn DeRosa offers a variety of topics pertaining to lifeguarding, pool operations and beach management. Whether you would like a "pool" or a "beach" session, Shawn DeRosa can help develop a training session or workshop to meet your training needs.

The Changing World of Aquatics

The world of aquatic recreation is ever-changing. Gone are competitive rectangular pools and "in" You've sare free-form family leisure centers with interactive features. Stoic lifeguards poised upon tall perches are a thing of the past. Today lifeguards are walking and talking. Floatation devices, long banned at aquatic venues, are now offered free of charge to help prevent drowning. Come remember the past and explore the future of aquatics as we adapt to our changing environment: new budgets, new demographics, new ideas.

Aquatic Risk Management Basics

Managing risks at pools and beaches is often challenging for those without an aquatic background. With increased attendance at pools, beaches and waterparks across the nation, recreation supervisors and program managers must have a thorough understanding of the differences in managing pools and open water swimming areas, including lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans. Whether you are a seasoned risk manager or have been just assigned the responsibility of overseeing a pool or beach, this session will highlight a practical approach to key concepts designed to minimize risks at your facility.

Where Have All the Lifeguards Gone?

You've seen the news reports. Pools and beaches altering hours or even remaining closed. You've struggled with enticing staff to work extra hours and cover open shifts. But why are we experiencing a lifeguard shortage? Will a new Baywatch movie be the boost we need to get people interested again in lifeguarding? What can be done to help attract and retain qualified lifeguards? Come share your successes and challenges and perhaps learn one or two new ideas to help address your lifeguard shortage.

Beach Management 101

Industry standards for managing pool facilities are well known and well-regulated. But many states lack regulations concerning public swimming beaches. Do your waterfront policies mirror your pool approach to managing risks? Are all beaches appropriate for swimming? Has your department fallen into the trap of promoting swimming in dangerous waters? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then it's time to reexamine your aquatics program. This introduction to beach management will get you underway!

Water Quality: A Practical Approach to Sanitation, Oxidation and Water Balance

Maintaining water quality that is healthy for swimmers and safe for pool equipment is a key goal of operating any swimming pool or water attraction. In this session, you will learn the basics of sanitation, oxidation, ORP and water balance. Knowledge of proper water treatment and documentation will reduce liability, protect your swimmers, extend the life of your equipment and minimize disruptive downtime and expensive repairs. Note: This session can also be divided into two separate sessions: (1) Water Sanitation and (2) Water Balance.

Managing Risks in the Waterfront Environment

Do your waterfront program policies mirror your pool approach to managing risks? Are all beaches appropriate for swimming? Has your department fallen into the trap of promoting swimming in dangerous waters? Does your waterfront program increase your agency's risk of a lawsuit? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then it's time to reexamine your aquatics program. This session will get you underway!

Assessment in Collegiate Aquatics: What's your approach?

Assessment is essentially a measure of effectiveness. How effective is your aquatics program? Are you meeting campus/community needs? Do you even know what those needs are? This session will discuss how you can assess effectiveness in your programs. Together we can help each other take our aquatic programs to the next level.

Anatomy of an Aquatic Lawsuit

Imagine this, you pull into the parking lot only to find an ambulance and police car at the front door to your aquatic facility. You aren't sure what happened, but you assume it can't be good. As you walk in, you see your lifeguards in tears and overhear parents talking about "the poor child." After the lights and sirens go away, your mind shifts to the inevitable -- the lawsuit that will likely be filed. What does that mean for you and your staff? How do you prepare? Is there anything you could have done in advance of this incident to have better prepared your staff to prevent and manage the occurrence? This session will explore these questions and more as we dive into the anatomy of an aquatic lawsuit.

Management & Professional Development Programs

An experienced park and recreation professional, Shawn DeRosa offers a variety of programs targeted to managers of recreational facilities. Whether you are interested in risk management or human resources topics, Shawn can develop a session to meet your training needs.

Risk Management - Another Day at the Ballpark

A unique and creative look at Aquatic Risk Management through the use of the game of baseball. Cover all the bases of Risk Management through the use of this entertaining model that alternates between very sophisticated models and very practical models of Risk Management. Participating in this presentation will allow you to score lots of runs and maybe a grand slam in the game of Risk Management.

How to Make Your Adolescent Lifeguards Professionals

Because adolescence truly does not end until age 25, there is much to be done when mentoring teenagers into young professionals. From uniforms to posture, continuing education opportunities to resume building, scanning strategies to emergency response, hear how to shape your young staff into true professionals. The tips offered will be practical and achievable and will empower your staff to kick it up a notch. (Developed with Dr. Tom Griffiths)

From the Pool to the Boardroom - Business Etiquette You Didn't Learn in College

We've all been in those awkward situations; you see someone you've met many times before but you can't remember her name. You're walking with a business associate and you meet someone you've known for years. How do you properly introduce the two to each other? The waiter places a basket of bread on the table, what do you do? To distinguish yourself from your peers in a business setting you don't have to be 100% better than everyone else, you just have to be a little more polished. This session will get you started!

Surviving the Dreaded Deposition

An injury occurs at your facility. You've interviewed staff, provided counseling, and completed all necessary records and reports. Within a few weeks, you receive a Freedom of Information Act Request. What should you do now? Do you know what to expect as you prepare this case for trial? Are you ready to be a witness for your department? Have you prepared yourself for the deposition? While most cases will settle out of court, you must prepare yourself for trial. This session will get you underway!

Human Resources 101 - Keeping Your Head Above Water

New managers are often faced with having to hire, discipline and terminate staff. Mangers are also responsible for enforcing policies and procedures unique to the recreation and/or aquatic environment, and for responding to claims of sexual harassment and retaliation. But do they really understand the legal implications arising out of human resource functions? This session will begin exploring how legal issues and human resource functions are intertwined.

Summer Romances - Hot or Not?

At what point does a manager interfere with a budding romance between staff members? Many situations can take a manager by surprise, particularly when the job description mandates the wearing of a bathing suit, when relationships between staff under and over the age of 18 begin to arise or when inappropriate adult attention towards guards is noticed. What is the role of the manager in these situations? When is parental notification or involvement needed? How have legal cases shaped this aspect of the recreation industry? At the age when many staff may be eager for this type of attention, how are they taught to recognize the dangers of it to both themselves and to the employer?

Interviewing for Success

The interview is your chance to showcase yourself beyond what your resume shows. Learn ten key tips to a successful interview as well as the top 5 interview blunders to avoid. Come prepared to simulate a job interview and leave ready to land your next job! This session is designed for young professionals moving into the workforce but is equally helpful for those who may be interviewing entry-level employees.

Food Allergies, EpiPens and a Shot of Reality

Food allergies are common among children. As park and recreation departments undertake a variety of child care programs, including day camps and summer meal programs, it becomes incumbent upon child "care providers" to take reasonable steps to minimize the risk of anaphylactic reactions among program participants. Learn what is required of public agencies under the Americans with Disabilities Act and what you can do to minimize risk to your department.

Tattoos, Body Piercing & Your Facility

With the resurgence of tattoos and body piercing comes increased awareness of the safety concerns that accompany choices of body adornment. The prevalence of body piercing raises numerous safety and personal freedom issues. How can recreation and sport professionals anticipate and respond to these issues in an objective manner? This "For Adults Only" session will help introduce you to these issues and will help you to make an informed decision on how to manage these risks.(Developed with Robin C. Benton, Me.D., Professor of Aquatic Management at Salem State University)

Advanced Issues in Sexual Harassment - A Guide for Managers

Sexual harassment, as well as other forms of discrimination, continue to plague workplaces across the nation. Those in the recreation and aquatic field often receive little, if any, training on how to identify and manager harassment in the public setting. This session will review the standards and laws surrounding sexual harassment and will highlight the less obvious or less ?planned for? incidents of sexual harassment, including third party and same-sex harassment. Tips for avoiding or minimizing the effects of retaliation claims will also be discussed.

Predators and Public Parks / Pools: Can we keep our children safe?

We know people that prey upon children live lawfully in our communities and we suspect they may even use our parks and swim in our pools. But what steps should recreation providers take to minimize the chance of a sexual predator using public facilities as a means to get close to children? Can you exclude known offenders from your pool? Is it reasonable to ask young, teenage staff (e.g. lifeguards) to assume responsibility for detecting potential pedophiles? Learn what the law requires you to do to help keep children reasonably safe while using your parks and pools.

Conflict Resolution - What is your style?

Conflict is a normal part of our everyday life. Many people fear conflict, but conflict itself is not a problem - it is what we do with it that counts. Angry patrons, fighting children, and employee disagreements are just a few examples of how leisure service professionals must deal with conflict. This session will offer proven strategies for reducing conflict in the recreational setting.

Are You Prepared for Litigation?

The litigation process is an intimidating one, both for professional staff and for lifeguards. Understanding the process and how common records will be used in the course of litigation will help you better prepare yourself, your staff and your employer for the inevitable lawsuit following a catastrophic injury or death.

Competencies of Successful Managers

In today's very competitive work environment, candidates must be able to demonstrate certain key competencies to be considered for advancement. This session will explore key competencies of successful managers. Come evaluate your own comfort level with each competency and begin to identify a plan to help develop these competencies within yourself or within your staff.

Communicable Diseases in Community Sports

With over 150,000 Americans living with HIV and over 350,000 living with AIDS, recreation and sport managers should expect that at least one of their players is HIV positive. But is your staff prepared to handle the responsibilities of managing the safety of the HIV positive athlete as well as that of other program participants? This session will highlight issues and resources available to help park and recreation professionals address issues of communicable diseases in community sports.

Mock Trials

The depositions are over. Settlement is not an option. Against all odds, this case is proceeding to trial. Do you know what to expect? How would you evaluate your peers if you were the expert witness? Participate in our mock trial, where YOU get to participate in the outcome! Note: Mock trials are workshops, not educational sessions.

Have a specific training need?

If you have a specific training need that you would like Shawn to address, please let us know! We're happy to develop workshops to meet your specific needs. An expert in the field of aquatics, as well as an experienced manager and recreation professional, we are confident that Shawn can design a training program to address your particular concerns.

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