Aquatic Risk Management

A one-day workshop focusing exclusively on managing risks at aquatic areas including: Pools and Waterparks; Open Water Beaches; and Hotel/Resort Facilities

Why not A.R.M. yourself with the information needed to reduce risks at your aquatic facility? These one-day workshops provide aquatic managers and those responsible for overseeing aquatic facilities information and resources not generally found in other programs!

Aquatic Risk Management Series:

Pools and Waterparks

Managing a public swimming pool or waterpark requires an awareness of risk management issues beyond an awareness of drowning prevention and the hiring of lifeguards. This session examines: standards for water quality and lifeguard operations, selection and hiring of aquatic staff, pre-service and in-service training requirements, drowning (fatal and non-fatal), emergency action plans, risk management strategies, lifeguard attentiveness, safety signage, hot topics and more!

Aquatic Risk Management Series:


Managing a natural body of water is much different than supervising a swimming pool. Designated swimming areas pose unique questions that managers must be prepared to address. This session examines: Standards of Care, Negligence, Risk Management Model, Unguarded Water Areas, Bacteria Monitoring, Signage, Currents, Lost Children & Missing Parents, Sand Hole Collapse and much more. Share your best practices with the group and see how others deal with issues such as beach grooming, lifeguard pre-service and in-service training, standards for lifeguards, flag warning systems and extended operating seasons. This workshop is a "must-have" for anyone operating a public beach.

Aquatic Risk Management Series:

Hotels & Resorts

Hotel properties present unique challenges, including balancing guest service and satisfaction with reasonable safety efforts. With swimming as a top recreational activity, many properties offer swimming pools and spas as amenities to attract guests. However, many lawsuits have arisen from accidents within hotel/motel pools and spas. This session helps explore risk management issues with a focus on injury prevention as an ethical and cost-saving strategy. Issues examined include: aquatic safety standards for hotel/motel owners, negligence, risk management, water quality management, entrapment, safety signage, catastrophic neck injuries, unguarded pools, lifeguarding standards, lifeguard staffing and supervision, video surveillance and more!

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